News & Achievements

ESCA Consultants is committed to excellence in engineering. We are a three-time winner of the Illinois Department of Transportation "Exceptional Service Award" for three different projects. For a fourth project, we won IDOT's "Harry R. Hanley Award", which recognizes the most outstanding Bridge Project. We are very proud to be honored by our clients in this way.


ESCA's President Rich Payne has submitted papers on multiple occasions to the AREMA Annual Conference. Topics have ranged from "Complete Replacement of Railroad Bridges Using Micropiles," to "Designing a Steel Pile Trestle for Longitudinal Force." Mr. Payne also has been a lecturer in AREMA's Seminar on Designing Railroad Bridges for Longitudinal Forces.

Henkel named vice chair

Eric Henkel, Vice President, has been named Vice Chair of AREMA Committee 7, Timber Structures. Eric has served as an active member of the Committee since 2001.

Dooley Accepts Subcommittee Assignment

Mike Dooley, Vice President, has been named Chair of the Design Subcommittee of AREMA Committee 9, Seismic Design. Mr. Dooley has been an active member of the Committee since 2000.

Sullivan Committee & Working Group Service

Jim Sullivan has served with a large number of professional groups in the transportation field, including the ACEC/ISHTA Committee, the AGCI/IDOT Bridge Subcommittee, IDOT Standard Specifications Committee, IDOT Strategic Planning Group, IDOT TQM Group, PCC Technical Group, HMA QA/QC Technical Group, and the IDOT Pavement Engineer's Group.

Payne has Long History of Service to AREMA

Rich Payne, President, has been an active member of AREMA Committee 8 since 1984. Has served as Chair of Subcommittee 1 (Design), as well as Chair of the entire Committee. He continues to be an active participant in maintenance and development of the AREMA Manual.